TSI hybrid inverters help major railway improve uptime and efficiency !

The Customer
The customer operates a major rail network of both freight and passenger traffic in the Mediterranean basin. Given the nature of their business in which keeping to schedule is a key competitive factor and correct signaling can be a life or death issue, the railway requires 100% availability. They simply can’t afford to suffer power outages or other disruptions to their infrastructure, which includes signalization and scheduling functions, among others.

The Challenge
One of the main operations centers of the company controls the signaling functions for the railway’s entire network. The power requirements to back-up this operations center are 27kVA in AC and 8kW in DC.
It is equipped with a UPS of 40kVA, several rectifiers and several stabilizers.
The main problem faced by the customer was that the UPS constituted a single point of failure. Even though the site had back-up equipment, any failure of the UPS would cause an interruption of service for a significant period of time.

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