Discover the new TSI Bravo HC Inverter!

CE+T Power is proud to present a new addition to its Standalone Inverter product line, the TSI BRAVO HC.

The TSI Bravo HC was originally specifically designed to cater to the in-rush current need resulting from a starting air-conditioning unit in telecom shelters in remote areas, but it will as easily handle any type of starting motor … It is indeed  able to provide 330% overload for a period of 900ms, as long as the inrush current duration is less than 500ms.

Based on the standard TSI Bravo Inverter, the HC unit is built in 19” sub rack and can provide between 2.5kVA and 5KVA in a 2U package, or up to 10 kVA in two racks (4U), at 96% efficiency!
The sub rack can be fitted in traditional 19” telecom racks or be mounted vertically on a wall.

You will find more information in the TSI BRAVO HC product description/datasheet