Creating a compact AC Backup system using fuel cells as DC source

Both companies and Society have become totally dependent on reliable communications. This is especially true when violent weather, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions call for a coordinated response from the authorities and relief agencies.

Challenging generators in supporting vital assistance

The continued operation of telecommunications systems and data centres is vital to bring assistance quickly to those who need it. In these situations the electricity mains may be disrupted and existing standby solutions may also be knocked out. To get communications back up and running it would be necessary to transport in a power generator ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The power requirement for a telephone exchange or data centre can be large, as much as 50kW. To build a generator capable of this output yet also transportable presents a significant challenge.

Using fuel cells as DC source

In 2013 the challenge was taken up by CE+T Power, together with Dantherm Power, a Danish subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems Inc. The two companies teamed up to produce at short notice a 50kW transportable electricity generator unit for demonstration at CIFTIS 2013 – The China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing.TSI-and-fuel-cell-generator

The electricity generator was designed to consist of three elements, a high power fuel cell system produced by Dantherm Power, an inverter from CE+T Power and a rechargeable battery bank.

In a fuel cell a liquid or gaseous source material reacts with air directly without combustion to produce electricity. Because there is no flame, boiler or heat exchanger the process is reliable, efficient, quiet and emission free. The ElectraGenTM-H2 fuel cell system produced by Dantherm Power uses hydrogen as the fuel source, which reacts with air to produce electricity and pure water. So the system has strong renewable credentials.

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