Building large modular power systems – introducing the TUS

Inverter based power systems requiring more than 75 kVA are becoming more and more common, but this means that several inverter cabinets must be able to work together to provide the required output power.

CE+T Power is glad to introduce the TSI Universal Synchronizer (we’ll call it the TUS)!

TUS front view

With the TUS, CE+T will be able to build large systems extending beyond the 32 modules threshold without having to design complicated customized solutions.
Indeed, three systems, consisting of 30 modules each, can now be grouped to offer up to 225kVA (using the TSI Bravo in this case).

TSI-TUS-Large-System-INV 400


The TUS will also allow you to parallelize two systems to create a true A+B (2x75kVA) installation with passive load sharing.

TSI-TUS-A-B-passive-loadsharing 350


The TUS is currently available for the TSI modular inverter range only, to the exception of the TSI Alto.

A version working with Alto and the Agil modular UPS will be available early 2016.

For more information and pricing, please go to your local sales contact person or use our contact form.