TSI BRAVO ST inverter’s hot-pluggable modules provide unique level of power availability

Low power systems in the range 1.5 to 5 kVA usually require a standalone inverter, manual bypass and often a battery backup to provide protection from mains disturbances and blackouts. However these arrangements typically suffer poor availability because if the inverter fails, the load is denied power until an operator can arrive and engage the bypass.

Easy and quick on-site interventions

Some systems do have an automatic bypass, so that uninterrupted power continues to flow to the load even during an inverter failure. However a problem remains, because the faulty inverter must be replaced or repaired – and to do this, the system must first be switched to manual bypass, or the installation and load shut down entirely.

Bravo-ST-diagramBy contrast, the TSI BRAVO ST inverter ensures very high power availability under all failure conditions. If the inverter should fail, the bypass switch is automatically activated in less than 10 ms – an interval invisible to nearly any load, as even the most sensitive can usually tolerate dropouts of up to half an AC mains cycle.

Additionally – and critically – the BRAVO ST has a modular, hot-pluggable design. This means that if the inverter module does fail, it can be removed and replaced with a healthy unit without interrupting power to the load.

Faulty bypass modules can similarly be hot swapped.

Standalone inverter with no Single-Point-of-Failure!

Occasionally an application may require an even higher level of power availability. If the load is less than 2500 VA, it can be supported by a BRAVO ST system containing two 2500 VA modules operating in N+1 redundancy mode. During normal operation the two modules share the load equally; if one fails, the other can take on the entire load. Even if the second module fails, the automatic bypass can take over until the modules can be hot swapped as described above.

As a result, the availability of the BRAVO ST is elevated to ‘5 Nines’ or 99.999%.


Natural replacement for legacy product

Arcon ST 250The BRAVO ST also provides an ideal upgrade and replacement for the ARCON ST inverter. At 2U high, it occupies the same space, and all wiring for an existing ARCON ST can be re-used for the BRAVO ST’s DCin, ACin, ACout and signalling connections.

The BRAVO ST also offers additional features including higher output power, wider AC input voltage range, a DC input connection, efficiency improved to 96%, no requirement for an additional rectifier, and a hot-pluggable bypass.


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