Partner Forum 2015

CE+T Power invited their VAR partners for a new partner forum
at its headquarters in Belgium.

CE+T Team : sales, marketing, quality, R&D


In a preparatory day, some VARs have participated in a product training.


Day 1: Sales & Marketing

During the plenary sessions of the first day, our sales and marketing teams have presented CE+T Power’s main company results and an outlook of coming technologies.

During the afternoon, participants were split for break-out sessions. A couple of case studies were presented by partners from Malaysia and Dubai.

Participants were then invited to visit the nearby coal mine of “Blégny Mine”, followed by a tasteful dinner.

Day 2: Technology

The second day was dedicated to technical workshops. Participants were split into small groups for better interactions and more practical knowledge on the following products:

  1. TSI Universal Synchronizer (TUS)
  2. Bravo ST Standalone Inverter System
  3. Smart By-Pass (SBP) equipped Agil Modular UPS System
  4. Quality Management & Repairs
  5. Monitoring

CE+T - Partner Forum 2015 - Photos