CE+T Power has won the Google Little Box Challenge!


Earlier tonight, at the ARPA-E Summit in Washington DC, Dr. Phil Larochelle, Energy & Sustainability Associate, Google Access & Energy has announced

CE+T Power as the Winner of the Google Little Box Challenge!

Winning the Google Littlebox Challenge presents us with a unique head-start to address the crucial improvements required in power backup,” said Robert Eyben, CEO at CE+T Power. “We identified some critical and necessary design alterations and through this innovation, we will change the future of electricity, power and even smart home technology.”

CE+T Power’s innovative solution is a huge improvement on the competition’s original specification of 50 W per cubic inch. Boasting a powerful 145 W per cubic inch, the CE+T Power winning design is also only 13.77 cubic inches in size – far smaller than the brief requested – and uses technology already available on the market.

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