UPS new safety requirements: CE+T Power modular UPS ready

The international standard IEC 62040-1 has been published in 2008. It standardizes the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems) manufacturing on general and safety requirements aspects.

Safe UPS mean safe system

Since 10th January 2013, Amendment 1 has been added to this standard, introducing specific requirements to the UPS output short circuit withstand current.

Therefore, in the case of a short-circuit, the UPS needs to guarantee a minimum output current, to clear the short-circuit while continuing to feed critical loads.

CE+T Power products meet these requirements

Our modular UPS limit electronically the outpout current below the prospective test current but high enough to activate the breakers and clear a short-circuit.

Yves Bodson, Director, Products Compliance:

“Our R&D department makes sure CE+T Power technologies are ahead of safety international requirements.That is why we were already compliant when the amendment came into force.”