How AGIL modular UPS is your battery care taker

AGIL UPS applies CE+T Power’s TSI modular technology to UPS’s. AGIL can combine up to 32 modular UPS’s for a truly redundant potential total power output of 640kVA.

Double your batteries life with AGIL modular UPS’s

AGIL allows high flexible scalability and dynamic battery charging. Thanks to TSI technology, the DC in charge and discharge are clean and stable. Their ripple is as low as ±1% and works at low temperature. It means that your battery get charged and discharges close to their optimum, and last longer, up to twice their average life.


Gain more than +80% TCO in your power infrastructure’s UPS’s

AGIL is a must-have in all traditional data centers applications that require flexibility in their power needs, and in a large variety of applications where a multidirectional energy converter is required.

thomas-rulmontWe wanted total redundancy. And we wanted a modular UPS, say three 160kVA modules for a total capacity of 450kVA.

We first connected half the batteries to the new system while keeping part of the old batteries on the old system. Then we connected the remaining batteries to the new system. Together with CE+T Power we conducted a lot of tests before and after, but the actual changeover took only a few seconds and the whole process took less than a day. Moreover, since then we’ve enjoyed 100% uptime.

Our old system had energy losses of 15-20%. For the new system, CE+T Power guaranteed us a maximum loss of no more than 5% or in other words, efficiency of 95%. This is a huge savings because now we don’t lose as much energy. And the savings is magnified because the lower amount of heat released means we also don’t need to cool the facility as much either.

We did of course compare the AGIL to current models from the competition, and here again the TCO of CE+T Power’s solution proved to be much lower.