How innovation is part of CE+T Power’s DNA

Ever since 1966, CE+T Power’s financial resources for Research & Development have been focused on the innovation and development of parallelizable modular inverters. Additionally, 10% of its yearly benefits since then have been allocated to R&D.

A combination of private and public resources allows CE+T Power to release state-of-the-art technologies onto the market.

CE+T Power proposes a very high-performance solution in terms of both volume and efficiency in order to maintain its leadership position, together with its industrial partners, universities and various research centers.

1987-1991 Eureka European Innovation Project

In 1995, Ugo De Pra, Marketing Manager of CE+T Power, explained:

“Our mission was to transform some scientific nerdy theory from Ghent University into a competitive, reliable and very performant industrial product.”

This R&D European project led to the worldwide launch of the first-ever industrial modular inverters:  a 2kVA modular inverter in 1991 and a 1kVA modular inverter in 1992, which was a big success!

At that time, these products were achieving very competitive results:

  • 65% lighter: 11 kg for 1kVA modular inverter against 35 kg
  • 8 times faster
  • 90% efficiency against 85%

These innovations brought recognition to CE+T Power:

  • 1995 The Regional State awarded CE+T Power with the Innovation Grand Prix including a special “Economical Impact” mention. The company gained 40% in revenue; its total revenue doubled between 1984 and 1992.
  • 1995 CET+ Power was certified ISO 9001:2008: for research and production.
  • 2004 CE+T Power was awarded Worldwide Leader in Product Line Strategy by Frost & Sullivan. The consulting company announced an 8% worldwide market share for CE+T Power in its niche.

2005-2007 “TSI revealed” R&D project within the local state’s Marshall Plan for R&D

This project led to the launch of the new TSI technology (Twin Sine Innovation) in 2007, which enables building AC power systems with no single point of failure, recognized as the best performing in the market.

This innovation brought growth to CE+T Power:

  • 2005-2006 The total revenue of the company increased by +25% in a year.
  • 2012 CE+T Power received ISO 14000: environnemental certification.

2014-2016 Google & IEEE Little Box Challenge

In 2016, CE+T Power won first prize and was awarded with $1 million from Google & IEEE for developing an inverter with the world’s highest power density.

The methodology used for this contest provided our R&D department with new simulation tools that helped it enhance our topology’s efficiency. The same year, the company launched its new ECI technology (Enhanced Conversion Innovation), the most versatile technology of its kind.

To be continued!

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