CE+T Power CEO Robert Eyben awarded with a Mérite Wallon medal

Today the Walloon Government awarded the best representatives of the Walloon Region with medals called “Mérite Wallon”. This was the sixth of such ceremonies.


The recipients included Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T Power, along with Bouli Lanners the film-maker,  Alain Coumont, the creator of Le Pain Quotidien (200 restaurants around the world), and Michaël Gillon, who discovered exoplanets.

Head of CE+T Power since 1993, Mr Eyben organized a management buy-out in 1999. After buying the company to develop its overseas potential, he opened factories in India and China, and sales offices in the USA, Turkey, India, Great Britain and Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to its tight management team, CE+T Power’s revenue grew from 5 million euros in 1993 to 40 million euros in 2016.

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