Kuala Lumpur workshops on industrial inverters and UPSs for Telecom, Data Center and Industry

CE+T Power APAC has completed a series of three workshops in Kuala Lumpur, together with its local partners:

  • Dasar-Data: workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Telecom
  • Eltek: workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Data Centers
  • Thytron: workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Industry

Workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Telecom, with Dasar-Data


The first one-day workshop, which took place in CE+T Power’s own Regional Office in KL Sentral, was organized together with our Telecom Partner, Dasar-Data. There were around 15 participants, mainly from Malaysia Telecoms (TM), a valued customer for many years. Our relationship has seen them install several hundred Bravo and Nova packs, mainly for router devices in offices around Malaysia. Most of the 4G network is rolled out, but further investment is planned; we will work together to successfully complete these future projects.

During the workshop and presentations, there was strong interest in our new multi-path development of the TSI successor, the ECI, and the potential for Y-one inverters and Bravo ST.

We are pleased to learn that TM is very satisfied with our products. We will continue to improve and maintain our high standards, knowing that our end-customers expect nothing less from CE+T Power.

Workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Data Centers, with Eltek


We organized some information workshops for the Eltek Data Center team in Kuala Lumpur, in which we presented project and product updates, and discussed in-depth trends and challenges for data centers in the South East Region. With many projects  scheduled for next year, we will continue to support our Global Partner in order to successfully fulfil these projects with the highest quality products and solutions. After the internal workshop, CE+T Power’s team joined the Data Center World conference in Singapore, where Eltek CPS with CE+T Power 220 Bravo modules formed part of the display.

Workshop on industrial inverters and UPSs in Industry, with Thytron

We hosted the last workshop, organized together with our partner Thytron, in Le Méridien hotel to accommodate its large number of participants and high level of interest. The workshop’s 35 participants came from wide-ranging sectors like Oil&Gas, Transport, Power, Call Center and Telecom. All were specialists in power, and included senior managers, consultants and integrators.

With Malaysia’s government investing in major infrastructure works as well as power generation and distribution, Kuala Lumpur is becoming one of the world’s most modern cities with many new highways and toll roads, metros and tramways. CE+T Power is pleased to have created access to such a large market in Malaysia, and acknowledges the strength and contribution of  our local partner Thytron. Their strong reputation in the Malaysian market is due to their highly competent and skilled people, who are able to provide the instant service required by the customer.

The workshops were a great success for CE+T Power and our partners, and overall we have seen that setting up the South East Asia office has had a very positive impact on the region. Not only can CE+T Power respond faster to specific inquiries, but we can now be closer to our end-users and partners, and be on site more quickly to meet any project demand.