How to get a training

As our trainings agenda is developing, we offer you a new range of opportunities.

CE+T Training CenterWorkshop at the Customer Training Center

There are still 5 seats available for the first 2017 Training Session (24th & 25th of January) on:

  • TSI technology and systems
  • Ranges of standalone and modular inverters
  • AGIL modular UPS with Smart By Pass
  • New ECI generation
  • Large systems with new TUS ALS device
  • Monitoring USB and ETH and  Display with CATENA and CanDis.

Half day Hands on session can be managed. Specific matters could be also treated during seminars as far as requests are in our hands 2 weeks before the date of training.

Workshop near you

We recently organized  in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). If you would be interested into participating or into organizing such workshops, please .