ECI bidirectional: Hybrid Power System and Energy Management

Our new ECI technology, presented last year, brings a new dimension to our modular inverters and UPSs, with enhanced flexibility and improved efficiency.

Today, ECI technology offers bidirectionality, and even multidirectionality, on every converter. ECI, with its three high-efficiency energy converters, now allows unlimited new energy conversion possibilities.

ECI modules can be used for critical backup: you can set up a hybrid power system where ACin feeds both the AC and DC loads, while charging the battery. If ACin fails, the battery supplies both loads.

With energy routing, ECI will also perform energy management: you can discharge the battery and feed both your microgrid and the AC load. You can also manage peak shaving by limiting the power taken from the AC input; the extra power will be taken instead from the DC source and sent to the load or grid.

ECI’s configuration possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Try it and see!