What is smart in our Smart By-Pass?

A static switch which offers overload features and high short circuit clearance.

Our Smart By-Pass is different.


It works with our AGIL modular UPS and is connected in parallel to the UPS, to offer:

  • overload features
  • high short circuit clearance
  • no single point of failure
  • expandability

Its specifications :

  • 3 phase/3 phase in/out 3x400Vac +N (-20% / +20%) with rated power 200kVA
  • single phase in/out  220/230/240Vac (-20% / +20%) with rated power 60kVA
  • Overload 150% 10 min and 200% 1 min possible, 1000% 100 mS
  • Second AC in « Reserve  »
  • High MTBF (Fans operate only when power flows)
  • Hot swap/plug module offer same flexibility as AGIL UPS module for plug in/plug out