Wallonie Data Center: case study of a long term success story

Wallonie Data Center (WDC) is the second largest Data Center in Belgium. It is settled between the main Wallonia’s highway, which is equipped with optic fiber, and the Tihange nuclear power station. WDC answers the highest standards in its field (TIER III+).

WDC started looking for a new UPS system in 2007, with total redundancy and modular UPS’s, say three 160kVA modules for a total capacity of 540kVA. CE+T Power modular technology was modular and sounded promising.

Our challenge: to transform an old and costly UPS infrastructure into a total redundancy one with modular UPS’s

In January 2017, a second similar infrastructure was installed, which doubles the total capacity at 23 +1 modules and 540 kVA on 700m2.