Electric vehicles’ energy storage capacity is increasing steadily with every passing year. Meanwhile, demand for grid power from both people and companies is growing continuously. What if electrical vehicle power could supplement your home or business grid? CE+T is working on it!

Electric power has always been costly and difficult to transport: While power demand peaks during the day for companies and in the evening for people, power production is not as flexible. Renewable energy is not an effective solution as its rate of feed to the grid is unpredictable.

The power conversion and battery industries are now discussing solutions for local energy storage. At CE+T Power, we believe that electrical vehicles could help solve the problem. Indeed, you always take your battery power with you. You could connect your vehicle’s battery to your company’s grid for the day, contribute to its critical load, and then secure your own grid back home. This is what we call vehicle-to-grid.

Thanks to our upcoming Power Routing solutions, you can charge your battery (from AC to DC) and discharge it (from DC to AC) in the event of a power outage or power demand peak. Our first test on a Tesla Roadster (equipped with a 55 kWh battery) using two Bravo ECI 380 converters (3 kVa modules connected in parallel), was extremely convincing. This solution could feed a family house of 10 kWh daily consumption for 4 to 5 days. The owner of the Tesla returned home with our modules to continue the test.

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