Discover Sierra, the new fully bidirectional power converter!

The Sierra module is a new power converter that, for the first time, offers full bidirectionality. This innovation brings many new features and applications; discover these in our demonstration video.

Sierra is a triple port modular power converter. Each port offers bidirectionality. The power can be transferred to or from the grid, DC storage and AC load.

This innovation offers so many new features within one unique module: feeding and securing both AC and DC loads, charging batteries, shaving peak consumption, balancing phase consumption (for three-phase infrastructures), performing constant power battery tests, re-injecting power into the (micro)grid, etc.

Yet again a new solution from CE+T Power to increase your power resilience (high power backup and protection against grid disturbances) while saving you money (energy bills and infrastructure design) and space.

This product will be available in Q4 2017.

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