Power datacenters with 3N infrastructure at a lower cost!

Can you imagine a power conversion solution for datacenters offering nearly 100% reliability, space and money savings, and flexibility? We all know combining all these factors together is an impossible dream. Well, at CE+T Power, we did it!

Join us for a webinar on November 10th!

This new solution, named Power Fusion, has the capability to merge the grid, AC and DC power sources (photovoltaic, wind turbine, hydropower, genset, etc.), batteries, and loads together. Electricity can therefore “flow” from where it’s produced to where loads need it.

The secret behind this is the creation of a common BUS that links everything together. Thanks to the CE+T Power power conversion modules and their bidirectionality capabilities (the three ports included in our modules can all convert power both sense) and an intelligent software, this solution came to life.

On the technical side, Power Fusion is based upon a rack scale design to offer best flexibility. The overall power infrastructure, inspired from the microgrid, involves modular power packs located at the head of a row or in-rack, sized for average load consumption. This configuration allows the elimination of most stranded power (when the power distributed in the infrastructure exceed the power consumed by your datacenter during peak utilization) while increasing the resilience of the overall infrastructure.

The Power Fusion concept is a disruptive solution entitled to challenge Tier 4 datacenter topologies.

Daniel Rixhon will present this on November 10th at 4 PM (UTC +1).

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