CommunicAsia: Asia’s largest telecom exhibition!

Asia’s top telecommunications exhibition, CommunicAsia, begins on June 26th. Come meet our team in Singapore.

The telecommunications market is evolving a lot with new technologies (including 4G LTE and 5G) and a complete update of the entire infrastructure.

As a result, companies are looking for reliable solutions to secure new and current critical applications: base stations (BTS), small cells, regional nodes, central nodes, etc.

Discover our range of power converters (modular inverters, standalone inverters and modular UPSs) and our new product: Sierra (UPS, inverter and rectifier integrated into an all-in-one power converter).

Meet Wald Kerschot, Francis Ledoux and Ian Rowlands on booth number 1D2-01:

Wald Kerschot Francis Ledoux Ian Rowlands

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