e-one 10, Bravo 10 and Sierra 25, what is that?

To meet all the needs of our customers, we have developed over time a very complete range of power converters. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right solution easily. That’s why we decided to change the name of our new products.

1 product range = 1 product name

The first change is to keep only one name for each product range:

With this simple rule, you know directly what the product is for. Need to secure your AC loads using a secure DC source or directly from the grid in normal operation to increase overall conversion efficiency? e-one is for you! Do you need the same thing but with a modular approach? Bravo will meet your needs. Agil is our innovative UPS solution, while Sierra is able to convert current from an AC and/or DC source to secure an AC and/or DC load.

What can you learn from our new product names? 

The new product name tells you about the features (e-one, Bravo, Agil or Sierra), output power (in hundreds of watts) and supported voltages (first DC, then AC). Here is a short example: 

Will this change affect the entire range?

For now, only our new products will adopt the new name: e-one 3 – 48/230, e-one 10 – 48/230, Bravo 10 – 48/230 and Sierra 25 – 48/230. The rest of the range will follow with the new versions of our products.

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