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Why develop an industrial microgrid for SMEs?

Three SMEs, situated in an industrial park near Mery (Belgium), next to a river, operate two major power resources. This infrastructure is the basis of the Merygrid project, in which CE+T Power is participating together with researchers from the University of Liège, local industry and Nethys (local DSO). The goal is to create a micro-grid to…
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Enhanced Power Conversion : Integrating AC and DC power with high quality filtering and superior efficiency

Many organizations are encountering problems with the dual power source structure that has arisen with the growth in critical AC loads. It is expensive and complex to maintain two separate “power chains” (AC & DC). Moreover, the UPSs typically used with AC loads have a high total cost of ownership (TCO) and a relatively short lifetime.
Twin Sine Innovation (TSI) is a hybrid solution which integrates the DC and AC power regimes. Within TSI, EPC mode is an innovative, proprietary technology from CE+T Power that provides high quality filtering and a superior efficiency of 96%. In addition to this, it will also lead to a better availability and to more flexibility.

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