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Discuss more on the Little Box Challenge

We have been invited to discuss more on the Little Box Challenge and the field of possibilities it opens. Would you join us? Here are the places where you can discuss more on our Little Box: April 27-28 GaN marathon with IEEE, in Padova, Italy (talk on April 27 at 2.25 pm) book a meeting May 10-12 PCIM with GAN system,…
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CE+T Power celebrates its victory at the Google contest and receives visit of Minister J-C Marcourt

On March 10th and 11th, CE+T Power has celebrated its victory at Google & IEEE's Little Box Challenge by organizing a two-days cocktail for regional partners and workforce. This celebration started with the invitation of regional partners, key political and academical personalities who supported us in our R&D efforts to win the Google & IEEE Little Box…
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